Stelios Entrepreneurship Award

Entrepreneurship Awards

The award is presented to a young entrepreneur man or woman. If a group of people have created a business and wishes to apply for the award, since they cover all the below preconditions, they can fill a group application. These preconditions are: The age of the candidate must be under 40 years of age. The entrepreneur man/woman must hold at least 50% of business shares. The entrepreneur man/woman must manage the business. The business must have been founded between 2008 and 2012. The business must employ no less than 5 employees in the last two years. The business must have turnover at least €300.000, the last year. The business must be based in Greece. Additionally, the winner/winners must be aware of the fact that they will be called, in the next few months, to give interviews to magazines etc. Furthermore the winner might be asked to participate in promotional projects for youth entrepreneurship. The candidates must know that throughout the process the literary property and other sensitive information that is related to their business will be protected. If you wish to apply please click on the button Application Form on the right-hand side. If you wish to suggest a company please click on the button Nomination Form on the right-hand side.

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