Your sustainable ideas for a better world is a business incubation program for startup companies operating in Greece. Our goal is to support great ideas and get them through the tough early stages, so that entrepreneurs can transform their dreams into good business with a positive economic, environmental, and social impact. What we offer: Nurturing Great ideas need the right support system to grow into great products and services. We provide workspaces with modern equipment and strong internet access, in addition to free legal and accounting consultancy. Each company in the Greenhouse receives mentorship from our network of professionals. Rich Ecosystems New opportunity flows are necessary to create fast-growing businesses. Being part of means being a lifelong partner in our network of individuals and companies committed to sustainability. This enables you to reach out across the network and secure deal flow with customers, partnerships, or venture capital. Clean Business Design A good business model that scales and has strong market potential is critical to startup success. We help shape your business model through our deep experience in creating strong corporate identities, effective communication strategies, and business plans with profitable yet positive environmental and social impacts.

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