Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas

Business support at your doorstep

The Enterprise Europe Network consists of about 600 partner organizations, including chambers of commerce, regional development agencies, research and technological centres. These bodies employ about 4,000 specialized staff with experience in providing support services to businesses, and 17 groups of experts in industrial sectors. The local contact points of the network are located in over 40 European countries. The Enterprise Europe Network operates as a single point of contact for businesses, provides specialized services to develop new products and access new markets, and provides information on EU activities and opportunities that arise. The main services provided by the network are: - Access to EU funding instruments - Innovation management - IP support - Internationalization and partner search abroad - Technology transfer The organisations that participate in the network document annually about 1,000 technology audits and organize 4,000 local events and seminars on topics related to small businesses. The network supports more than 2 million businesses a year in matters of international trade, technological cooperation and access to finance. The network currently has the biggest technology transfer database in Europe. The Greek network is the evolution of the Innovation Relay Centres in Greece, which operated for more than 10 years. Twelve organisations participate in the Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas which are distributed throughout the Greek territory.

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