Equal Society

NGO aiming at social inclusion and poverty alleviation

Among the objectives of Equal Society are: • Achieving social inclusion through a process of open dialogue and participation • Implementing programs in collaboration with public and private institutions in Greece and abroad, but also with other NGOs, to promote dialogue on strengthening social integration of citizens regardless of gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability,, age or sexual orientation. • Information, education and cultural developemtn of gender issues in labor and insurance legislation • Carrying out specialised studies and organising conferences, workshops, seminars, in a national and European level, in collaboration with other agencies to identify new employment opportunities and reintegration. • The promotion and implementation of educational programs for professional training and skills development. • The promotion of employment and lifelong learning, particularly in groups with problems of unequal access to the labor market (women, youth, disabled, long-term unemployed, immigrants, refugees, ex-addicts, ex-offenders -ex-prisoners, members of minorities and socially vulnerable groups in general). • Initiatives that promote sustainable economic development and environmental protection to create new jobs.

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