Global Manager

The World's Largest Strategy & Management Competition

Originally developed 35 years ago by a group of academics at Strathclyde University in Scotland, aimed to help people practice in strategic decision making, in almost real business environment conditions, using an integrated computer program. Quickly, it became a knowledge tool in recognized Universities of Europe and a training tool for executives in dynamic and modern businesses. Through the contest participants have the opportunity to practice their knowledge to the fundamental aspects of business administration. More specifically: • Strategy: Sector Analysis, Business and Operational Strategy design • Marketing: Product design and development, communication plan, brand image, distribution channels, demand management, after sales service • Accounting & Finance: Internal and External Audit Control, Financial Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, and Financial Assets Management • Organization & Management: Organizational structure, assignment of responsibilities, human resources management, people training and development • Production: Market distriburion Production planning and management, assigning part of the production to third parties, quality control, conservation tactics • Sales: Distribution network management, representatives and wholesalers policy • Logistics: Distribution Management, Distribution Channels More importantly, participants develop the skills needed for a successful manager: • Develop integrated business strategy • They get a comprehensive view of the business • Understand the competitive forces of the business market • Analyze different business scenarios • Seek solutions and make many different operational decisions • Build cohesive teams, develop team culture and leadership skills

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