Go Hackathlon

Innovation in mobile app Development

GLOBO successfully hosted Pre-Hackathon ahead of the 1st Athens GO!Hackathon to help spur Innovation in mobile app Development. In an event that precedes the first ever GO!Hackathon, developers and technology innovators, gathered to attend a 4 hour session held at Divani Caravel Hotel Athens, on the innovative GO!AppZone Studio. Overwhelming demand of over 130 pre-registered attendees meant that the room was packed with code-hungry minds ready to take on GLOBO’S new Mobile application development platform. The event proved a big success with hard-boiled Q&A session and comments from developers appreciating the technology revealed! Cross-platform applications that inherit a wealth of security from the GO!Enterprise Technology were built and deployed in front of the eyes of the attendees, revealing the flexibility and benefits that GO!AppZone Studio offers the developers.

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