Higher Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability

We believe in the power of teamwork and cooperation and we believe that together we can do more. That’s why we designed and created HIGGS, a pleasant, comfortable and modern space that promotes the exchange of views and interests and inspires participants to think creatively on issues that concern them. HIGGS is an ecosystem where all members interact with each other and learn from one another, through open dialogue and synergies.

We believe in education and organization. That’s why we created an innovative and inspiring space which fosters learning, a space where NGOs are provided with high quality educational programs that enhance significantly their effectiveness. Today NGOs have to adapt to an interdependent global economy and society that is constantly changing and is based on information and high technology. From our side, we possess the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to help the Greek NGOs assume a more impactful community role, by widening their fields of action, increasing the number of beneficiaries and improving the effectiveness of their intervention.

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