Info Com World Congress

Time for synergies

The 16th InfoCom World titled «Techonomy: Time for Synergies!» will take place on October 21, 2014 at Divani Caravel Hotel. This year’s conference takes place in a period when special emphasis is given to technology, business strategies and synergies that are now unanimously recognized as a driver for growth. InfoCom World Congress is the largest event on digital technologies in SE Europe, attracting more than 3,500 delegates per year. It successfully records and captures for many years to run the course taken and convergence happening in Technology, Informatics, Telecommunications & Media sectors. This year, it will offer to delegates and speakers alike the opportunity to engage in an interactive dialogue regarding the future of those markets, with “techno-economy “ being the common denominator, that essentially makes synergies obligatory in all these areas. Yet, what are the best possible synergies? What are the win-win approaches, the opportunities and the problems that may come forward? In what way different people, enterprises, cultures and technologies may “co-operate” in the most productive manner? Unfortunately, these are real and not rhetoric questions, as Europe -which used to be in the vanguard of telecommunications technology for years, having invented GSM- is now losing ground to its main competitors: American companies are leading both in research and sales and the European ones –due to wrong decisions taken on the regulatory and legal framework- risk losing even the second place, as Asians are coming on strong, focusing in 5G technology. The global recession has played a catalytic role in recent years, accelerating synergies all over the entire spectrum of tech implementations to say the least … Via synergies, technological ecosystems interact with each other, producing mid products, new needs and even new ecosystems. Techonomy is here to stay! Especially in the Greek economic environment, synergies are a must, as it is the only way that might eventually, after painstaking efforts, lead us, once again, to a period of growth.

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