Institute of Growth & Entrepreneurship

Promoting stable and sustainable growth!

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development was founded in 2005, is a Non-Profit organization and its main office is located in Larissa, Greece. NECESSITY OF FOUNDATION Entrepreneurship is a fundamental factor for the economic development of many countries. Although the European Union generally promotes the idea of entrepreneurship to its member states, there is still a lack of an entrepreneurial culture mind set in many countries. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, therefore, aims to strengthen and promote entrepreneurial spirit and mindset to all countries and citizens, especially youth. VISION Our vision is to create an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, research and the entrepreneurial spirit of businesses, creating long-lasting and fundamental relations with society and the overall academic community. Our vision is anthropocentric one of our primary concerns so to provide assistance to citizens and disadvantaged groups to improve their place in society, promoting social inclusion and cohesion.

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