Junior Achievment Greece

Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Skills for employability

SEN / Junior Achievement Greece is a non-profit organization and member of Junior Achievement Worldwide. It was founded in November 2005 in cooperation with the Hellenic Federation of Industries aiming at inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. The organization’s principal aim is to offer to Greek youth all over the country an introduction to the basic elements of business and instill the core values of contemporary and healthy entrepreneurship. This is accomplished through the implementation of innovative educational programs that stimulate life-long learning, positive change and help students reach their full potential by developing and honing their skills. These programs are brought into effect with the guidance of volunteers business professionals in collaboration with teachers. SEN / Junior Achievement Greece is supported by member – companies, institutions and individuals. The educational programs are approved by the Greek Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports. Junior Achievement is the largest provider of entrepreneurship education programs in the world, reaching more than 10 million students in 122 countries every year.

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