Hellenic Copyright and Related Rights Organization

The Hellenic Copyright Organization is administered by a five-member Board of Directors. The main purpose of the Hellenic Copyright Organization is to protect the authors and rightholders of related rights, to take steps for the implementation of Law 2121/1993 and the international conventions, to supervise the Collecting Societies and to undertake law preparatory work on matters pertaining to copyright and related rights. In the context of its responsibilities, OPI deals with any issue, in general that might occur in the field of copyright and related rights and represents Greece before the competent international organizations, as well as the Instruments of the European Union The Hellenic Copyright Organization supervises the operation of the system for protecting the authors and the related rights rightholders; safeguards the rights of the users and the public; balances the interests of copyright sectors with those of industrial property sectors; incorporates and adjusts in Greece the latest evolutions in community and international level, contributing in this way to the promotion of creativity and culture. Furthermore, OPI organizes seminars for the purpose of training and informing judges, lawyers, administrative personnel, authors, rightholders of related rights and students on matters of copyright and related rights and also provides information on matters of copyright and related rights.

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