Pitching Battle

4 International Startup Competitions in 1 day

This is not an ordinary battle, this is a battle between innovators. The Pitching Battle is a flow of ideas, a vibrant and fun startup pitching event featuring the Athens Founder Institute Graduates’ Showcase back to back with the Pitching Battle Finals. The event will open with the Athens Founder Institute Graduates’ Showcase, where the world’s largest tech entrepreneur training and startup launch program, will introduce its Athens Graduates to the Greek entrepreneurial scene. Because ideas never end and pitching is never enough, the most promising startups in Greece, finalists from our 4 cross sectoral competitions, Future Agro Challenge, Get In The Ring, Creative Business Cup and CleanTech Open Global Ideas, will then fight for their ideas in front of investors, accelerator founders, foreign startups, startup attorneys and other local startup industry experts. The Pitching Battle will pronounce the winners that will represent Greece in the international startup scene and claim amazing prizes.

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