Reload Greece

The Hub of Greek Entrepreneurship in London

A Reloaded Greece is defined by: - Proactivity: We believe in a society that embraces entrepreneurial principles and takes the initiative to resolve the challenges it faces by continuously innovating in all fields. - Empowered Youth: The young generation has the potential to be a potential catalyst of change and innovation in and for Greece. We take action so that young people may have a voice and be engaged in social and economic activity. - Inclusivity: We believe that a society should be fair and not discriminate on the basis of ethnic or social background, race, gender, age, or physical ability. Our aim is to work towards a Greece that operates inclusively and on the basis of merit. - Solidarity: We believe that solidarity is key in a stronger and healthier civil society. In a Reloaded Greece communities would take action together for the common good and support those who are weaker. - Globalism: We believe that Greeks at home and abroad should act as global citizens: drawing inspiration from others and forging global partnerships beyond Greece. We value extroversion in all ventures, whether they are in Greece or abroad. Reload Greece main goal is to be the leading organisation that educates and actively supports young Greeks and Philhellenes globally in undertaking entrepreneurial ventures which will have a significant and sustainable social and economic impact on Greece.

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