Silicon Valley Greek Seed Fund

Seed funding from Greek Angel Investors

The SVGS Funding Group is a loosely coupled network of Greeks in Silicon Valley with broad and strong levels of technical, managerial, and investment expertise spanning the entire spectrum from CEOs (both active and retired) to very powerful engineers, scientists, and researchers. The SVGS Funding Group is a powerful talent pool working together to create wealth and to help young Greek entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. For the projects we select for funding, we provide not only seed funds, but also valuable guidance to young entrepreneurs who have not done a start up company before. Funding can come from Greek Angel Investors who are members of the SVGS Funding Group (the Core members) or from other investors outside of the group who may be solicited by a core or an affiliate member. In all cases, a core member or an affiliate member must elect to take interest and “Sponsor” the submitted proposal by leading the efforts to perform the evaluation and the due diligence, and to line up the necessary seed funding.

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