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StartingUp is a project which promotes Innovative Entrepreneurship via an alternative procedure which envisages the combination of Direct Democracy and the Market. The Centre of Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship and Technology (CoPYET) in cooperation with the Federation of the Hellenic Association of Young Entrepreneurs (FeHAYE), the Centre of the Hellenic Volunteer Managers (CoHVM), the European Parliament, the European Committee and the Municipality of Athens, with StartingUP aim to develop a friendly electronic participatory assessment platform for business ideas that will promote innovative entrepreneurship and will boost mostly youth employment. With StartingUP, we try to showcase a new economic model which will not exclude anyone capable because of its financial limitations. We don’t want just a Free Economy where only the strong will survive – in financial terms – but furthermore an Inclusive Economy that will be open to all who can offer, with their abilities, intangible value like, creativity, inventiveness, knowledge, labour and experience


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