TEDx Academy

A platform for dialogue for change in Greece.

Academy was originally founded by Plato in Athens in 387 BC and was a conversational platform to share ideas on literature, science and art for the advancement of the society. Over 2000 years later TED is based on the same principle and TEDxAcademy is inspired by linking the past with the future by creating a platform for dialogue for change in Greece. TEDxAcademy organizes every year an event where remarkable speakers from Greece and abroad share their ideas. Ideas that have the potential to make a long-term difference to the future of our country. Moreover, TEDxAcademy organizes throughout the year smaller TEDxAcademySalon: “Dialogue 4 Change” events with 2 speakers on a specific subject and a more intimate audience of up to 100 people where there is an interaction with the Speakers with questions and answers.

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