TEDx Thessaloniki

We attempt to search for bridges between science and everyday life.

After all, do we live in a world more fragmented or more united than ever? Einstein used to say “we have built many walls but not enough bridges”… How true does this quote seem for our world in 2015? Which are bigger, the things that separate us or the ones that bring us together? At TEDxThessaloniki 2015 we attempt to search for bridges between science and everyday life, past and present, high-tech and childhood innocence, the metropolises of the world and the most remote areas on the map, government and citizens… In an era defined by the proliferation of knowledge and wealth, we observe an increase in discrimination, a raise in disparity and a swell in the gap among nations, countries, social groups and ideologies. This May, we decided, the 6th consecutive year of TEDxThessaloniki to be dedicated to all the things that bring us closer, putting ourselves against the forces of segregation and dissociation. By giving the floor to personas whose work reconciles seemingly conflicting sides of our world, we attempt to prove that even in today’s environment that is filled by robust ideological and financial conflict, the things that bring us together are far more than the ones that separate us. Through narratives and ideas that refer to the connections among the different bits and pieces of our world, we aim in drawing inspiration to bridge the gaps among us and our surroundings. This is our effort to lower the walls we have to climb and get ourselves closer to creating a world of cooperation and dialogue.

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