Tzaferi 16

Creative Working Space

How? By situating your business at TZAFERI 16. In an inclusive/exclusive co-working space where you can enjoy the pleasures of sharing and, at the same time, have a sense of being unique. TZAFERI 16 is the utmost expression of the new trend in versatile spaces for work, meetings and events. You can rent a full-service office with the infrastructure, services and amenities, so that you can focus on your actual work and not on the setting, administration, limitations or expenses of your work space. Here you can meet and exchange ideas with creative, inventive and innovative professionals from various disciplines. You can move in temporarily or permanently and be creative, become part of a network, create a new business, be part of events or host your own, in a co-working space of high aesthetics which adapts to your needs and is like no other.

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