Winners Fund

Equity-Based Crowdfunding

WinnersFund is a business tool, not a wish-fulfilling platform. It mainly facilitates new entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses, but it may also cater for non-listed ventures in any stage of growth wishing to finance innovative projects. WinnersFund gives them the opportunity to collect funds through the three most common methods of Crowdfunding (Investment/Equity-, Rewards- or Donations-Based Campaigns, either single-model or hybrid). WinnersFund supports creative people and their ventures from the moment they start developing an idea until they fulfil their business objectives. Multiple funding rounds and transparent procedures, innovative solutions, holistic services and unparalleled assistance (online and offline) in all fundraising rounds are few of the ways this is achieved for Projects that stand out. An online ecosystem that combines a Virtual Business Incubator (VBI), a Business Accelerator and a specialised marketplace are currently being developed aside of the Crowdfunding service. This will allow for full support of the birth, growth and acceleration of start-ups in a way that no other Crowdfunding service has ever achieved to the day.

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