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7L Capital

A private equity firm

A private equity firm focusing on Branded Goods and Services, Communications, and Technology and Applications.

100 Mentors

Meet your future self.

We pair you with role models from your targeted universities and companies.


Office space on demand

A modern alternative to meet your professional needs

360 Funding

Public and state financing for startups

Public and state financing for startups

α1-innohub – a corallia initiative

Innovation and cutting-edge technology node

Strategically located in the business district of Athens, at the north of the Greek capital (Maroussi suburb), the α1-innohub has been established as the first InnoHub since 2007.

α2-innohub – a corallia initiative

Innovation, networking and high-tech ring

At the crossroad of two main road arteries of the Attica basin: Attiki Odos (a six-lane motorway constituting the Athens City Ring Road) and Leoforos Kifissias (the North-South Avenue), the α2-innohub opened its doors in 2014, establishing additional reference points for innovative clusters, developed by Corallia.

π1-innohub – a corallia initiative

Innovation, research and high-tech bridge

Residing at a strategic position, close to the University of Patras, with a panoramic view to the Rio-Antirio Bridge, the π1-innohub was inaugurated in 2011 and successfully operates as a "bridge" connecting innnovation, research and high-technology.

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