Companies starting with I

I am, I do, I want

Networking Event

Structured Networking event


Accounting office using efficient cloud tools

The modern accountant not only collects and records data. It is a tool of management, providing information over financial reporting, which help in management decision making.


Incubation for Growth - i4G

Incubator for start ups in idea stage

ICT Plus

Online Portal for Technology and Entrepreneurship News

Online Portal for Technology and Entrepreneurship News


Program for starting innovative ideas, products and services.

A 6 months workshop and acceleration to start up your own idea.

IDEA Project

Innovation Dipole Entrepreneurial Assessment (iDea)

A novel Entrepreneurial Assessment and early stage funding/incubating framework.

Idea Tree

Competition for Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurship

Competition for Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurship


Empowering Young Women Entrepreneurs

Greek Mentoring Network targeted to Women


Start shaping your future

Do you have a great, innovative, smart idea? Do you want it to be heard by some of the top leaders?

Imagine Cup

Student Entrepreneurship competition

Student Entrepreneurship competition organized and supported by Microsoft

Impact Hub

Making a positive impact in our world.

Global network of over 8,000 members who share common values ​​and a common vision to bring positive impact on the world

In 4 Capital

An initiave of a group of experienced professionals

A unity of services for Startups , Companies , Advisors and Investors.

IN Tech

Greek portal on High Technology

Greek portal on High Technology

Inception Days

Seeding Open Innovation Systems

Gathering of the brightest minds in technology, an opportunity to challenge your assumptions and spark your imagination.

Incubation Attica

Business Incubator of Attica

Hosting companies that are specialized in technology and innovation.

Incubo Ventures

Highly motivated individuals

Helping young entrepreneurs build their start-ups

Industry Disruptors

Industry Disruptors - Game Changers

Industry Disruptors-Game Changers (ID-GC) is a non-profit/non-governmental organisation that was founded to promote entrepreneurship in Greece, South East Europe and East Med regions.

Info Com World Congress

Time for synergies

Technology, business strategies and synergies that are now unanimously recognized as a driver for growth.


Business 2 Business portal

It successfully records and captures for many years to run the course taken and convergence happening in Technology, Informatics, Telecommunications & Media sectors.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub

A leading Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub for South Eastern Europe with a far reaching Global Impact


Networking never sleeps!

A fast track acceleration program fro selected start-ups

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club - AUEB Athens

AUEB Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit

Encouraging innovative thinking and entrepreneurship culture in the community of Athens University of Economics and Business

Innovation & Technology Competition

An annual competition that has been run by National Bank of Greece since 2010

Innovation & Technology" Competition is an annual competition that has been run by National Bank of Greece since 2010. It is part of the NBG Business Seeds integrated program designed to foster innovative and export-oriented entrepreneurship. The competition aims at reinforcing and supporting creativity, especially amongst young people, as well as at fostering a culture of innovation. The competition is held with the cooperation of 8 Greek Universities. Participation may be on an individual or a group basis. The competition’s scope includes the following areas: E-business, Environment and Technology, Culture and Technology

Innovation Days

Building the future

Series of how-to events and keynote presentations about startups and innovation.

Innovation Expo

Greek Innovation Expo 2013

Innovation & Technology Transfer Expo | Research - Design - Technology - Innovation

Innovation Farm

Engage - Build - Grow

New business acceleration firm

Innovation Greece Cluster

A competitive ecosystem for creating high-caliber innovation

Innovation Greece is an association of innovative companies with a common mindset which strives to integrate innovation into everyday practices, new products and services.

Innovation Odyssey

Student competition on Entrepreneurship

Student competition on Entrepreneurship

Innovation Society

The Solution to the Ecomonic Recovery Equation

To inspire the local community by showcasing positive examples of solutions that work and build alliances and with the support of local advisors, strategic partners and local organisations and entrepreneurs, stimulating local replications of these models in Greece.

Innovation Unit - TEI Athens

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit of TEI Athens

Encouraging innovative thinking and entrepreneurship culture in the community of TEI Athens

Innovation Unit - TEI Thessaloniki

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit of TEI Thessaloniki

Encouraging innovative thinking and entrepreneurship culture in the community of TEI Thessaloniki

Institute Entrepreneurship Development

Education & acceleration

Supporting entrepreneurs to transform their idea into a business

Institute of Growth & Entrepreneurship

Promoting stable and sustainable growth!

To create an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, research and the entrepreneurial spirit.

International Austin Accelerator

Your bridge to the USA & Texas

An Austin-based startup accelerator program bridging Greek startups with Austin Texas.

Internet & E-Business Forum

The e-business forum

Conference about entrepreneurship and e-business technology

Invest in Greece

Enterprise Greece | Invest and trade

Promote and support Greece’s substantial investment opportunities

IP Consultants

Intellectual Property Consultants

Industrial, intellectual and patent registration attorneys.


Driving Ideas Ahead

Offering the means to propel your start up forward.

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