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Get Busy

Web portal to bring Greek youth closer to international employment opportunities is a web portal with information and educational material for young people in Greece in order to empower their skills in accordance with today’s challenging economic environment.

Get Cruise INN

Explore Aegean Sea

Explore Aegean Sea and start your own venture!

Get in the Ring

The investment battle

A worldwide podium for startups to raise capital.

gi-Cluster – a corallia initiative

Gaming Cluster

A cluster about Gaming companies and organizations.

Ginetai Project

A place for IDeas to grow

A place for IDeas to grow

Girls Geek Diner

Definitely Does Compute!

GGD Greece is the Greek branch of the famous Girl Geek Dinners, targeting at empowering women to foster their relationship with technology, innovation, internet and entrepreneurship.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Share ideas, participate in start-ups competition, experience a global event!

The world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

Global Finance

Independent investment firm

Private equity in South-Eastern Europe. The fund has established an exceptional investment track record.

Global Manager

The World's Largest Strategy & Management Competition

Global Management Challenge is the World's Largest Strategy & Management Competition for students from all Universities (Universities, Technological Universities and Colleges) from Greece and Greek students that study abroad.

Global Shapers

Visible everywhere. Please keep it a few words. Example: "Greek Technology Accelerator for Women"

Non-profit, independent international institution, connecting communities of leaders around global issues through high-level meetings, research, initiatives and digital networks.

Glocal Venture Capital

A unique investment fund

Authorized capital of up to €50m (approx. $70m), created by the Hellenic Republic (Greece) through its New Economy Development Fund (TANEO)


Connecting Volunteers to events

Experience in event volunteering and event organizing.

Go Hackathlon

Innovation in mobile app Development

GO!Hackathon is an event / competition held to spur Innovation in mobile app Development.

Good News

Visible everywhere. Please keep it a few words. Example: "Greek Technology Accelerator for Women"

The first news agency that reports only #GoodNews about Greece & Greeks all over the world. Mostly science, business, #startups, local products, design, #culture.

Google Athens Launchpad

Google Launchpad

Come up with an innovative idea, create your own UI and demo your work in front of a panel of business leaders and receive further support to bring the idea to life.

Greece Startup Jobs

Startup Jobs in Greece

Connecting start-ups and talented people.

Greek America Foundation

Promote, preserve and perpetuate the Greek culture, history and heritage in North America

The Greek America Foundation is dedicated to the promotion, preservation & perpetuation of Greek culture, history, heritage & ideals.

Greek Atomic Energy Commission

Radiological protection and nuclear safety

The competent national regulatory authority in the fields of radiological protection and nuclear safety

Greek Fund

Have an idea? Make it happen!

A crowdfunding community.

Greek Innovation

Innovation & Technology Transfer

Innovation & Technology Transfer

Greek Reasearch Technology Network

Disseminate ICT to the general public

Mission is to provide high-quality Infrastructure and services to the academic, research and educational community of Greece, and to disseminate ICT to the general public.

Greek Startup Genome Map

Μapping the Greek startup world

Μapping the Greek startup world. A small scale map.

Greek Startup Map

A map for the Greek start up ecosystem

GreekStartupMap is an effort to bring in a single place the rock of the 21st century that is called startup system.

Greek Startups

Greek startup inventory

Wouldn't it be good if we had an inventory of Greek startups?


Inspire and fuel creativity!

Groopio is a Greek crowdfunding platform

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