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Creative spaces

Creative spaces for creative people.

Make Innovation Forum

The Make Innovation Work Competition in Greece

Boost Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness in Greece.

Marathon VC

We help ambitious founders build world class companies

We lead seed rounds by investing an amount of €500k to €1M.

Media Hack Day

Access Granted

MediaHack Day Athens brings together journalists, technologists, developers, entrepreneurs and designers for a day of collaboration and media disruption.

Mediteranean Holdings

Early stage venture capital firm

Early stage venture capital firm

Meet Greece 2.0

Innovative Greeks

Conference about technology and Greek Innovation

Meet in 5

Networking Event

Meet internet, web design, programming, social media and advertising professionals in person

Meet Jam

Mixer for geeks

Mixer for geeks and technologists

Mentor Kids

Mentoring program for teens 15-18

Mentoring program for teens 15-18


Ideas to Ventures

Provide startup teams with a boosting structure to develop, launch, and solidify their ventures.

mi-Cluster – a corallia initiative

Semiconductors Cluster

The cluster facilitator and the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (HSIA)

Microsoft Innovation Center

The innovation center

Transform Greece into a leader on technological innovation and entrepreneurship

MITEF Greece Startup Competition

A technology accelerating competition

Greece Startup Competition is a technology accelerating competition in which Greek startups compete for prizes.

Mobile Monday Athens

Mobile Monday Athens

Mobile Monday Athens is an open community platform for mobile industry aficionados in the heart of Athens.

Mobile News

Digital Technology & Mobile Communication

A new, dynamic and innovative website for Southeastern Europe, dedicated to Digital Technology & Mobile Communication.

Money Pedia

A training portal created by AUEB & Eurobank

Τraining young people on basic economic principles, proper financial management


Humans in the epicenter of news

Humans in the epicenter of news

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