News Publishers

News portals or mobile apps, newsletters and mass media focusing on entrepreneurship.

App Garaz

The starting point for mobile applications

A news portal on mobile applications. Presentation and review of innovative mobile applications and their characteristics, including basic user training.

App Town Boy

Innovative mobile applications, presented by the App Town Boy

Innovative mobile applications, presented by the App Town Boy


Greek online media property

Publishing stories of the start-up scene both in Greece and abroad. Mainly focused on high tech / technological start-ups.

Balkan News

Business News of the Balkans

A prominent voice for business globally.

Bank Wars

Banking and Financial News

A dynamic portal offering on time and accurate information on the banking and financial sector.


ICT business portal

The only ICT business portal in Greece, covering both technology sellers and buyers, bringing them together. Content that makes a difference.

Business Land

It's all about business!

Articles and analysis on business management, marketing, sales, human resources and entrepreneurship.

Business News

Media/ News/ Publishing Portal

Daily news and analysis for business, investment, start-ups and all sectors of both the Greek and international economy.

Digital Easy

Digital Easy Living

An interactive magazine about high tech

Digital Life

Technology in our lives

Digital Life is a portal which aggregates all latest news and trends around technology, internet, social media and lifestyle.

Ebiz Magazine

The e-ssential business briefing

The first B2B online media tool for e-business.


EMEA Business Monitor

Online Business portal, covering the EMEA region

EMEA Startups

Online startups portal, covering mainly the EMEA area

An online news portal trying to bridge the gap between startups coming from the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa and the rest of the world.

Entrepreneurship & 1 day

Radio show

Radio show, talks about entrepreneurship and business news


Entrepreneurship in the spotlight

An instrument for direct, continuous and productive communication among the members of the business community.

EU Startups

Blog for EU web and mobile startups

EU-Startups is a blog focused on European startups out of the Web and Mobile-space

Eulen aus Athen

Unofficial Embassy of Greek Startups & Innovation in Germany

Private blog about greek innovations, startups, founders, events etc. Written in German.

Focus WebTV

Focus Web Tv Channel

Interactive Web TV Channel

Fortune Greece

Online Financial Magazine

Online Media, News and Publishing Magazine on Business and Entrepreneurship

Get Busy

Web portal to bring Greek youth closer to international employment opportunities is a web portal with information and educational material for young people in Greece in order to empower their skills in accordance with today’s challenging economic environment.

Good News

Visible everywhere. Please keep it a few words. Example: "Greek Technology Accelerator for Women"

The first news agency that reports only #GoodNews about Greece & Greeks all over the world. Mostly science, business, #startups, local products, design, #culture.

Greek Startup Map

A map for the Greek start up ecosystem

GreekStartupMap is an effort to bring in a single place the rock of the 21st century that is called startup system.

Human Works

blogging the web

A blog about entrepreneurship, news and events

ICT Plus

Online Portal for Technology and Entrepreneurship News

Online Portal for Technology and Entrepreneurship News

IN Tech

Greek portal on High Technology

Greek portal on High Technology


Business 2 Business portal

It successfully records and captures for many years to run the course taken and convergence happening in Technology, Informatics, Telecommunications & Media sectors.

KA Business

Innovation and Development

E-news portal and web TV

Mobile News

Digital Technology & Mobile Communication

A new, dynamic and innovative website for Southeastern Europe, dedicated to Digital Technology & Mobile Communication.


Humans in the epicenter of news

Humans in the epicenter of news


News about technology and entrepreneurship

News about technology and entrepreneurship


Financial television channel

Financial television channel, which broadcasts on free television, focusing on Economic, Business and Market Updates.


Pause your DREAM & Start your STREAM

Inspiring Entrepreneur Interviews, Entrepreneurship news, Greek Startups, Entrepreneurship in Greece

Startup Market

Startups news

The startup news portal

Startup Stories

A podcast for all Greek Start-ups and entrepreneurs.

A podcast for all Greek Start-ups and entrepreneurs.


Online publication about startup news is the first online publication in Greece about startup news. It covers both the greek startup scene and the international trends.


The premium & sophisticated free press

Online and printed free press for business and startups

Success Stories

Collection of bright stories

A collection of actions, initiatives, events, personalities and achievements that can inspire us and highlight the "bright" side of things

Tech 4 You

The first free online entertainment and art press

Video Games, Internet, Technology, Gadgets, Cine, Lifestyle.

Tech Blog

Technology news

Reliable source of information regarding technology news

Tech Start

Technology News

Technology news, startups, founders

Tech TV

Technology news

One of the first websites on Technology in Greece

Tech Unit

Technology news

Find all the important news about technology here!

Tenders Electronic Daily

Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union

The online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union', dedicated to European public procurement.

Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone Publications

Electronic publishing | Organizing business conferences


Greek Forum For Designers/Developers

Designers-developers who want to exchange views, present their projects, find solutions and promote their services

WTM News

All about technology and Innovation in Greece

An online media and services company

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