Events offering a tour around different areas, venues, companies or experiences concerning entrepreneurship.


Coworking on a beautiful catamaran sailing the seven seas

You’re an adventurous entrepreneur, a digital nomad or a visionary startup? The endless horizon is your limit and you want to collaborate and be inspired, do something extraordinary? Get on board of Coboat Pirate Beta, sailing from June to November in the Mediterranean

Get Cruise INN

Explore Aegean Sea

Explore Aegean Sea and start your own venture!

Startup Bus

A new hope

Greece stands up again: 25 buspreneurs building their dream startups during a 72 hour road trip from Athens to Vienna.

Startup Safari

Startup Event

2-day event where companies open their doors to invite people for various events

Venture Out Greece

Market Accelerator program for Greek tech startups

One-week NY Market Accelerator program for Greek tech startups

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