Knowledge Bases

Greek repositories for information such as online libraries and databases about entrepreneurship.


National Strategic Reference Framework

Official website of the Ministry for Development and Competitiveness for National Strategic Reference Framework

Athens Entrepreneurship Support Center

Entrepreneurship Support Center in a Municipality Level, in Athens, Greece

Offering support to new business ventures, in the municipality of Attica, Greece as well as consulting to investors interested in the Greek start-up scene. Strategic partnership with municipalities of Attica, for both strategy development and coordination of actions and activities in the field of entrepreneurship.

Break Through Greece

Enterprise Growth Recovery

Breakthrough Greece is a non-commercial initiative by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce to showcase Greek innovation and private sector dynamism to global markets and the international press. The Chamber believes it is necessary to single out these companies, and to share their stories with the world.

Digital Greece

Open forum on business, education and research.

An open and publicly available forum, based on the participation of active citizens from business, education, research and public administration.

E-business Forum

State forum for Business and Digital Innovation

A standing state consultation mechanism to strengthen business competitiveness and support e- entrepreneurship.

Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas

Business support at your doorstep

The largest European network for innovation and entrepreneurship, supports SMEs to enhance their competitiveness through innovation.

Greek Innovation

Innovation & Technology Transfer

Innovation & Technology Transfer

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club - AUEB Athens

AUEB Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit

Encouraging innovative thinking and entrepreneurship culture in the community of Athens University of Economics and Business

Innovation Unit - TEI Athens

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit of TEI Athens

Encouraging innovative thinking and entrepreneurship culture in the community of TEI Athens

Innovation Unit - TEI Thessaloniki

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit of TEI Thessaloniki

Encouraging innovative thinking and entrepreneurship culture in the community of TEI Thessaloniki

Institute of Growth & Entrepreneurship

Promoting stable and sustainable growth!

To create an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, research and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Invest in Greece

Enterprise Greece | Invest and trade

Promote and support Greece’s substantial investment opportunities

Money Pedia

A training portal created by AUEB & Eurobank

Τraining young people on basic economic principles, proper financial management

Open Thessaloniki

An open platform for knowledge and networking.

An open platform for knowledge and networking to share ideas and technology.

SEV Innovation

Investing in Human Development

Information sharing, Analysis, Reports and Proposals promoting Innovation and Start up Entrepreneurship

StartUp Greece

Kickstarting Greece

Share the knowledge. Discover the people. Connect your ideas. Be part of the new generation of entrepreneurs in Greece

Think Biz

AUEB Student Entrepreneurship Club

A Student Entrepreneurship Club based in Greece, planning to help the Startup Ecosystem evolve

Trikala Young Entrepreneurship Association

Trikala Open Group on Entrepreneurship

An open group, based in Trikala, for all those involved or about to engage in entrepreneurship in Greece and abroad

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